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Movement from a different point of view.

When recording movement, we view the camera as one of the dancers. It's an opportunity for the viewer to be up close and immersed in the choreography.

Our experience in recording dance ensures that you'll get a perfect performance every time.

Let's dance

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"I am in shock. I absolutely love my video! I froze watching it the first time because I couldn't believe it was me! I truly do love this. Words can't express how grateful I am."


- Kimi Evelyn, Dancer & Choreographer

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Microtone Media, the professionalism and commitment to creating beautiful art is truly inspiring. The way they allowed the audience to become a part of the work was exceptional!"

- Rachelle Fochs, Director of the School of Madison Ballet

Dance Videos

Ballet is Back | Madison Ballet
Mercy | Madison Ballet
Body, Sweet Home | Kimi Evelyn
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