Videos for musicians, created by a musician.


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Microtone Media has been recording music events for over 15 years. With advanced degrees in music performance, we have a professional understanding of the subject.

When we work with musicians, we take into account factors such as genre, style, phrasing, venue, and instruments to create videos that amplify your artistic expression.

We think of our videos as much of a piece of art as the music itself.


"Microtone Media's product is top-notch. They work very efficiently, communicate well, and the pricing is very fair."


- Jamie Kember, The Big Payback

They not only create great professional products, but they are a delight to work with! Flexible, hard working, knowledgeable, and good people...I couldn't ask for more. I look forward to many years of productions with Microtone Media!


- Jeremy DeLuca, Mt. Lebanon HS Director of Percussion

Live Concerts 




"Microtone Media is a tremendous asset to the musical community."


- Stephanie Jutt, Bach Dancing & Dynamite Society


"I've worked with many different engineers over the years - in Los Angeles, Bloomington, and Madison, and Microtone Media has been the best I've worked with by far! They always bring quality and professionalism."


- Leah Kang, pianist

"Their video productions are unquestionably top-notch, blending beautiful videography with great editing and artistic intuition. I could not be happier with the results of our collaborations and I happily recommend Microtone Media for any video projects!"

- Tony Di Sanza, UW Madison Professor of Percussion


"Microtone Media's expertise in music gives them a crystalline insight of sound, and a desire to capture music both aurally and visually. There's no question why Microtone Media has become one of Madison's most sought after video agencies for the creative arts. Their work is beautiful and fun to watch."


- Jason Kutz, Mr. Chair



Our wireless camera system allows us to set up a multi-camera shoot in minutes.

Real-time video editing saves time in post. This means getting the final product to you in as little as 24 hours.

Simple Set Up

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