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Let's work together to make something special.

A simple solution

With the advancement of smartphone technology, most people carry a high-definition camera with them every where they go. We'll turn your footage into a  professional video.

Using simple file-sharing solutions, collaborating on video work has never been easier.

A simple and cost-effective method to creating a professional video for any special event or project!

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The perfect solution to couples who want a wedding video but are on a budget. Our team will guide you through the steps to have your friends and family document your special day. Then we take the footage and turn it into a professional wedding video.


Sarah & Zach
Iva & Dave
Laura & Danny
Jamie & Xavier
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Whether it is a 60 second duet or an 80 minute symphony, Microtone Media can mix any number of videos recorded in isolation into a musical masterpiece.


With a professional background in music performance, we know how to combine video and audio files to make your ensemble look and sound your best.


"Microtone Media helped our festival to create a composite performance with nineteen musicians, not just successfully, but brilliantly."

- Stephanie Jutt, Bach Dancing & Dynamite Society

Some examples our team has worked on

Step 1: Free Consultation

How it works

We'll talk on the phone or over video chat to discuss your event or project. This conversation will cover goals, timelines, key players, and pricing. It's a chance to see if we're a good fit for each other.

Step 2: Guidance & Planning

Once we establish a timeline for the the event/project, we'll send you recommendations and guidelines for recording. For certain events/projects, we may want to set up a video call with all key players to talk through plans and answer questions.

Step 3: Recording

You, your friends, and/or your colleagues record while having a blast at your special event!

Step 4: Upload Your Files

You and other key players upload all files to a secure file-sharing platform.

Step 5: Receive an Awesome Video

This is the fun part for us. We take the amazing footage your team captured and turn it into something really special. After several rounds of proofing, we'll share the final version through a secure file-sharing platform. From there, you can share your video with the world!

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