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Let's work together to make something special.

A simple solution

With the advancement of smartphone technology, most people carry a high-definition camera with them every where they go. We'll turn your footage into a  professional video.

Using simple file-sharing solutions, collaborating on video work has never been easier.

A simple and cost-effective method to creating a professional video for any special event or project!

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The perfect solution to couples who want a wedding video but are on a budget. Our team will guide you through the steps to have your friends and family document your special day. Then we take the footage and turn it into a professional wedding video.


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Whether it is a 60 second duet or an 80 minute symphony, Microtone Media can mix any number of videos recorded in isolation into a musical masterpiece.


With a professional background in music performance, we know how to combine video and audio files to make your ensemble look and sound your best.


"Microtone Media helped our festival to create a composite performance with nineteen musicians, not just successfully, but brilliantly."

- Stephanie Jutt, Bach Dancing & Dynamite Society

Some examples our team has worked on